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About Original Grain


At Original Grain, every timepiece is born with a backstory. Here’s ours.

Inspired by their Pacific Northwest roots - and trusting their instincts to trailblaze - brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran set forth on a mission in 2013: Create an entirely unique timepiece out of wood and steel.

The seamless fusion of all-natural, sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel proved to be an instant and enduring smash, both on Kickstarter and in the wild, but it was the bold stroke to use reclaimed wood - wood with a story - that redefined what one should expect from a watch.


Sustainably Sourced Materials


All of the wood Original Grain builds with  is either reclaimed or FSC-certified. That means it has the blessing of  the Forest Stewardship Council, an independent, non-profit organization  that exists to protect forests for future generations. We pride  ourselves on being good stewards of the environment. That means  strategically designing each timepiece to use a minimum amount of wood  to its maximum effect—not one grain is wasted. It also means actively  partnering with Trees for the Future in Senegal, proudly planting a new  tree for every watch sold.